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Light luxury

1. International, simple and fashionable living space: designed by

    international design team
2, easy consumer price: 38-98RMB / each


1. The intervention of ESPINBOT Xiaoyu robot and cervical vertebra-lumbar-

    joint intelligent massage apparatus
2. Intelligent hardware implementation of intelligent custom physiotherapy

    for neck and shoulders


1. Professional technicians: professionally trained technicians
2, professional equipment: the United States and China's top institutions research data and medical clinical verification equipment

What is Xiaoyu?

E.SPINECARE · Xiaoyu smart neck and shoulders "4S" shop:


It is a luxurious and healthy living space. It aims to provide customers with luxurious, intelligent and professional neck and shoulder physiotherapy services, and create a new luxury style of neck and shoulders.

Committed to creating a luxurious and healthy living space for customers

From the United States

a healthy new fashion