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E.SPINECARE · Xiaoyu smart neck and shoulders "4S" shop:

It is a luxurious and healthy living space. It aims to provide customers with luxurious, intelligent and professional neck and shoulder physiotherapy services, and create a new luxury style of neck and shoulders.

What is Xiaoyu?

I-shaped chair / soothing cream

Traditional artificial techniques allow you to enjoy professional techniques to bring relaxation to the neck and shoulders; Taiwan's original formula allows you to enjoy the rapid recovery of the cervical spine.

Xiaoyu robot

Intelligent technology services, from top universities and medical institutions in China and the United States, allow you to enjoy the high quality and healthy enjoyment of the spine-skeleton-muscle-neural-visceral all-round intelligent conditioning brought by technology;

Disinfection cabinet / disposable face towel

The standard of one guest, one disinfection, one guest and one nano face towel ensures that the products that every guest comes into contact with are clean and hygienic.

Unique incense / music

Simple and stylish, it has an international style. It is guided by the sense of smell, sight and hearing. It caters to the modern people's pursuit of the nature of new things. Through the enjoyment of the five senses of the guests, it ensures that every guest is happy and enjoys the relaxed comfort.